President Message

President and Representative Director Mr. Yusuke Washizu

Creating a society where dentures are expected!

In a super-ageing society, there are 28 million denture users in Japan, which makes one of four people in Japanese population are denture users. Even though losing teeth and wearing a denture is common, there are still some negative images. Our company philosophy is to create a society that accepts ordinary things like wearing dentures, and it is our meaning of existence.

In order to achieve our goal, our company provides

Quality: Providing high-quality dentures that patients eat without discomfort.
Brand: Cultivating a social mindset that dentures are not embarrassing.

Providing above we will strive to comprehend our philosophy to society.
If using dentures become more comfortable, people who seek chewable dentures after tooth loss becomes common. As a result, we believe it can lead to an everlasting healthy life. It is not a secret that no matter how good your dental care is, most people will lose their teeth as they get older. It has proven that losing teeth is more common than people think.
If so, we want to bring society that patients can eat any food deliciously, open their mouths without worry, and have a beautiful smile. We believe that by providing our dentures, we can contribute to brightening and energizing the super-aged Japanese society.

President and Representative Director Mr. Yusuke Washizu

Born on March 23, 1974, in Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture.
He joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1997 after graduating from The University of Tokyo, Faculty of Engineering, and Shizuoka High.
Established Bitec Global Japan INC. in 2004, and since then he work as President and Representative Director.
Hobbies are jogging and drinking. Lately, he’s added swimming as a new hobby.

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